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Blood Cancer Survival Rate And Life Expectancy

Blood cancer survival rate provides vital facts with regards to chances of survival of a patient, and it also talks about an average five-year survival rate of victims suffering from blood cancer. This cancer life expectancy talks about the period for which a person is expected to survive after the cancerous tumors get detected. Usually, survival rate and life expectancy is calculated for five or ten years and takes time of diagnosis as a basis for calculation. Such rates are based on empirical data and use scientific calculations to come up with most practical figures.

Blood Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy in Detail

Blood cancer life expectancy is very sensitive to various different aspects and is primarily based on immune system of the victim. Better health leads to better rate of survival. Age is also an important factor in deciding rate and life expectancy. Usually the rate is lower if leukemia is diagnosed in old people. Geographic factors and gender is also considered while calculating chances of survival. Black people are less prone to cancer of blood and tend to recover fast as compared to white people if undergone through competent diagnosis and cure pattern.

Males are more affected by leukemia as compared to females. Also the numbers of this cancer deaths are high in men. People exposed to high amount of harmful radiations are highly prone to leukemia and usually have a considerably low rate of survival. Those exposed to atomic explosion radiations are at a very high risk of suffering from leukemia and should be extremely careful about their health concerns. Such people tend to recover very slowly from the disease and are weak mentally, as well as physically, in comparison to those who aren't exposed to such radiations.

This cancer causes also includes smoking and intake of other carcinogens. Chances of cancer recurrence are higher in such people and blood cancer symptoms displayed by them are quite complicated and time-consuming to examine for presence of malignant growth. Quality and intensity of this cancer treatment undergone also affects survival and life expectancy rate to a significant extent.

Leukemia is of different types and survival rate also varies accordingly. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) occurs mostly in children and has a good survival rate of more than 85%. In case of adults, the disease shows a survival rate of just 50%. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia is a disorder in which the cancer cells develop gradually and affect the victim's health in a slow manner. It displays a life expectancy of around 75% if proper and timely diagnosis is done.

Blood cancer survival rate is a sensitive measure and may alter considerably if root-causes are identified correctly and symptoms are interpreted aptly. This cancer life expectancy is based primarily on the stage of disease a person is suffering from and needs to be considered well before opting for a pattern of treatment.

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