Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Fighting Cancer Means Dealing With the Cause, Instead of Just Submitting to Toxic Treatments

Most people when first diagnosed with cancer suffer from fatalism that is they believe their cancer is decided in advance by God or fate and that they are powerless to do anything about it. Nothing could be further from the truth. All cancers are self caused and it's because of the way we now live, especially with the food we eat. The typical western diet and lifestyle is great fertilizer for growing cancer.

Our modern medicine today with their artificial drugs is all about profit and that's the reason we only have surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to treat the problem. It is a disease that can never be fully cured by just removing growths because the growths are just a symptom and a symptom is a sign that is telling you that something is wrong with the whole body. Fighting cancer is all about learning the reasons why it first appeared and then removing those reasons because we all have a body that will self-heal.

Most people are ignorant about cancer and we are kept ignorant by the people who control our mainstream medical system. Ask a doctor about its causes and they will also tell you they don't know what it is and why there is so much now days. Doctors are only there to diagnose and treat cancer and they are very good at what they do but that approach seldom works.

Cancer is not like a bout of pneumonia, nor is it a fungus, bacteria or a virus. It is a collection of cells that have grown without control because the body's immune system had been weakened. There is no universal quick fix treatment to eliminate it. You can shrink it a little with drugs etc but the best way to fight it is with a dedicated anti cancer lifestyle and protocol and never go back to living the way that caused it in the first place.

There are four causes of cancer and they are a weak immune system so your focus has to be to strengthen it. It's also a lack of oxygen in the cells of the body and because cancer cannot live in the presence of oxygen it's essential to get some exercise. Thirdly it is excessive toxins caused by the chemicals we use so stop using the many products that contain these harmful ingredients and lastly it's an acidic body because the western diet is too acidic and we're not eating enough alkaline food. A change in diet will sort that out. That's the only way to fight cancer.

A diagnosis of cancer does pose a formidable challenge because it means making changes which most people find difficult. While some deficiency diseases are easily cured by addressing the missing vitamin or mineral, cancer is not and requires a fulltime commitment. A cancer growth is a wake up call; you are doing something wrong so it's time to make some big changes. This way of fighting cancer does work because you are using the power of Mother Nature to help you eliminate it.

The key to curing cancer is to heal the causes and not just treat the effect.

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