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Osteoporosis Management

All over the world, men and women are affected by osteoporosis and finding treatment for this bone disease is very important. Inception of biphosphonate drugs like Fosamax was actually tagged as a medical breakthrough. However, adverse effects came in the picture and became a cause of worry which actually struck a backlash. This may be the reason why there are many patients who are not using Fosamax anymore which may provide positive results as discontinuing Fosamax use reduces second femur break risks.

Often, the first-line therapy for osteoporosis is bone-strengthening drugs where Fosamax is among the most prescribed. But reports like a low-impact thigh bone fracture and an unusual jaw bone disease began sprouting putting this drug in a bad light.

The aim for osteoporosis treatment is to hamper bone injuries by diminishing bone loss and/or by improving bone density.Osteoporosis may be managed through various approaches. Aside from biphosphonate drugs, osteoporosis can also be managed with lifestyle changes, calcium and vitamin D supplementation and hormone replacement therapy.

Lifestyle changes. Stopping cigarette smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol has shown to retard the process of bone loss. Moreover, a diet with adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D are the non-conventional treatment essential to a person with osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercises like walking and hiking on a regular basis strengthens the bones.

Calcium and Vitamin D supplements. Adequate calcium and vitamin D provide stronghold for bones keeping them strong and dense. Calcium is largely deposited to the bones which subsequently increases bone density, on the other hand, vitamin D is generally in charge of the absorption and regulation of calcium in the body. But calcium and vitamin D are not the only treatments forosteoporosis .

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Reducing bone resorption and increasing bone formation is a function carried out by the hormone called estrogen. HRT after menopause helps prevents bone loss and increases bone density and consequently prevents bone fracture. Plus, it can also be a preventive measure for osteoporosis as women reach menopause.

Fosamax is not the only medicine you can rely to help you in your osteoporosis problem. And now that many people are filing numerous lawsuits against the drugs manufacturer, talk to your health care provider for other treatment options .

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