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Worried About Liver Swelling?

Swollen liver is a term some individuals use to describe what doctors call doctors call hepatomegaly. It is also often called enlarged liver. The phrases swollen liver and enlarged liver are self-explanatory. So the question becomes, what is the cause of swollen liver, and how serious a health threat can it be? Those are questions that will be answered in this article.

It should be stated at the start that swollen liver is not a disease itself. It is a sign of some other liver-related problem or condition.

Usually no symptoms of liver swelling appear in the early stages. But as the but as the disease behind the enlargement progresses, signs and symptoms will most likely begin to present themselves.

Generally, a typical liver weighs between three and four pounds or 1.5 kg. It is somewhat wedge-like in shape, and and is about as big as a small American football. It sits on the right side of the body near the bottom of the ribs.

Swollen liver occurs frequently due to one or several causes. The presence of hepatitis and cirrhosis are among the most common. Hepatitis is usually caused by a virus, but can also be caused by excessive use of alcohol. The other most common cause, cirrhosis, is usually the result of excessive use of alcohol.

Cancer in or near the liver is another common cause, as is a liver infection. Liver infections are likely to occur when you have a sickness like malaria or mononucleosis.

Another condition that causes an enlarged liver is fatty liver syndrome. This condition, which is also called fatty liver disease, occurs when fat builds up in the liver

The first step your physician is likely to take in the treatment of swollen liver is to isolate the cause of the problem. If liver swelling has been triggered by cancer or an infection, it is essential to treat these disorders promptly.

When swollen liver has resulted from cirrhosis due to drinking or alcohol-induced, use of alcohol must stop right away. If an enlarged liver is not related to the use of alcohol or a liver-related disease, your doctor will probably ask that you make some lifestyle changes. Diet and exercise are helpful in both treatment and prevention of swelling in the liver.

If you believe you are at risk for liver swelling, here are some recommendations for helping you prevent it.

If you drink alcohol a lot, either slow down or stop completely. If you do not stop completely, be sure never to take medications at the same time. Doing so may irreversably damage the liver.

Never take drugs or supplements unless they are approved by your doctor, and never exceed the recommended doses. Also ask your doctor before trying herbal supplements you have not taken before. Certain supplements are capable of damaging your liver. You should also take great care with vitamins because a number of vitamin combinations can be harmful to your liver.

Be especially careful around household cleaning materials, insect killers and other chemicals. If you work with these substances, be sure that you are in an area that lots of clean air available. Some household cleaners could be particularly unsafe for the liver.

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