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Facts about Stage 3 Lung Cancer

Lung cancer arises when a series of mutations in normal lung cells cause them to become abnormal and grow out of control. It is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. When a person has stage 3 lung cancer, they have a non small-cell lung cancer in an advanced stage. Approximately thirty percent of individuals during diagnosis are observed to be afflicted with lung cancer. This leaves thirty of people identified at earlier staging and forty percent people have advanced staging or stage 4 metastatic lung cancer when diagnosed.

Stage 3 Lung Cancer is ideally illustrated by segregating the stages as stage 3A and stage 3B.The differences between them are important for the patient̢۪s prognosis.

Stage 3A is deemed as a locally advanced form of cancer which means that the tumor has not yet metastasized or spread to remote locations in the body however has metastasized to the lymph nodes on the analogous body side as the cancer.

Stage 3B as well as stage 4 are deemed as advanced lung cancer and in spite of not generally being cured yet could be treated.

Symptoms of stage 3 lung cancer are inconsistent as this stage entails a broad range of cancers. Symptoms arising as a result of cancer presence in the lungs include unrelenting cough, difficulty in breathing and recurring infections like bronchitis, pneumonia are prevalent. When the cancer has metastasized to regions like the trunk wall and diaphragm it could lead to pains in the trunk, rib cage, shoulder and back.

Some symptoms may also include like weariness and weight reduction. Blood-inundated cough or hemoptysis and wheezing would arise in case the tumors are present close to the airways. When the esophageal region and other inner organs of the chest are involved then symptoms like problems ingesting (dysphagia) and huskiness could be experienced.

There is a twenty three percent of the general five year survival rate of people having stage 3 lung cancer.

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