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Getting to Know Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone where the bone density is significantly low. Bisphosphonates, among them Fosamax, are often used to treat it, medical journals say. Recently, there has been a swarm of negative reports regarding the side effects of bisphosphonates.

In general, women are the only ones associated with the medical condition called osteoporosis. Yet, around 25 percent of men aged 50 and above may be afflicted of this condition making this medical fact incorrect.

One of the greatest assumptions regarding osteoporosis is how it can only affect women. With this, it is worthy discussing how osteoporosis may also hit men regardless of age.

There are several risk factors of osteoporosis in men and sad to say, most of them pertain to men's lifestyle. Aside from that, other factors could be drug-related or hormonal.

Glucocorticoid medications. These are steroids that used to treat diseases like asthma and arthritis. Bone loss is the most commonly reported side effect of these drugs. These drugs are prescribed on an ongoing basis resulting in an abrupt and continuous decrease of bone mass.

Hypogonadism. It is a very important risk factor for osteoporosis in men which pertains to abnormally low levels of sex hormones. Similar to the effect of low estrogen in women, diminished levels of sex hormones in men could end up with osteoporosis.

Alcohol abuse. There is mounting evidence showing that excessive alcohol intake may lead to a decrease in bone density. Often, men who sought medical help for alcohol abuse are found to have low bone mass. Drinking two alcoholic drinks every day could already increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Smoking. Although it has not been clearly understood how tobacco use may affect the bones, it has been observed that bone loss is more rapid among men who smoke than those who don't. We already know how detrimental smoking is to our health.

Gastrointestinal disorders/resection, inadequate calcium and vitamin D are other causative factors of osteoporosis. Also, a sedentary lifestyle, immobilization or absence of weight-bearing activities negatively influences the health of your bones.

Complaints against the bisphosphonate Fosamax have been increasing which resulted to the surfacing of different information associated with the drug. Right now, facts about osteoporosis, femur fracture, Paget’s disease, and lawsuits against bisphosphonates are still being thoroughly discussed.

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