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Decisions concerning treatment in acute myelogenous leukemia

Leukemia, especially the acute myelogenous leukemia, which is the most common, is a very serious disease. This condition can go from bad to worse very quickly. Talking to your doctor about the treatment options that are available for you is crucial in this case.

When first diagnosed with this type of leukemia, induction chemotherapy is the first step towards remission. Many of the leukemia patients actually succeed, but there are cases when their condition does not get any better. All leukemia patients will also go through a second treatment phase to try preventing relapse. This second step is more based on the risk factors of the leukemia patient. As I have said before, although chemotherapy can be very successful in almost all leukemia cases, there are patients whose condition will not improve. This is the main reason why, your doctor should also talk to you about the possibility of having a transplant.

Almost 90 percent of all patients under 60 that use chemotherapy as a leukemia treatment will see an improvement in their condition, reaching remission. However, transplant is sometimes the first choice of some leukemia patients. Although this may not be the case for you, talking about the possibility of having a transplant is good. This allows you to have a more flexible treatment and also a quicker transplant, if necessary. In most leukemia cases, if not all, it is best that you be prepared for this option as well. In order to do that, there are some steps you have to take:
- first, acute myelogenous leukemia patients must see a doctor specialized in transplant and discuss with him/ her the risk factors; the leukemia patients also has to undertake a few tests;
- second, you should talk to all your family members that are potential donors and tell them to get tested, either when you are, or soon after;
- together with your doctor, you should then see the list with all other donors and see if there might be a match for you;
- if you are one of those unfortunate leukemia patients that find no suitable donor, then you should definitely talk to your doctor about an autologous transplant;

There are patients who should under any circumstances, discuss transplant in their leukemia case. These are people that will not be able to tolerate transplant. Older leukemia patients or people who suffer from other medical conditions are those that can not go through a transplant procedure.

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