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Blood Cancer Treatment Procedures

Original meaning of word leukemia is White and Blood. As the name implies, leukemia is the abnormal increase of white blood cells in the body. It is also commonly known as blood cancer. However, in some cases, it also affects the person's bone marrow.

Acute type and chronic type blood cancers are different. Children are usually affected by the acute type, and it usually needs immediate treatment. The chronic type may affect any age group. Commonly, it affects the adults, especially those that belong to the geriatric population. Unlike the acute type, this usually takes a long time before it develops. Therefore, treatment is often delayed to give way to monitoring of the condition.

Usually, blood cancer treatment consists of multiple drugs. Most of these drugs are administered in order to help eliminating the cancer cells that may be found in the patients' blood streams and the circulatory systems. Some common locations where these cancerous cells may be found are on the lymph nodes and spleens. In blood cancer treatment, the drugs aim to reduce the number of white blood cells by directly interacting with the cell processes of the cancerous cells. The drugs may either be interfering with the duplication process of these malignant cells or the so-called suicide phase of these cancerous cells.

However, the blood cancer treatment kills not only the malignant blood cells, but also a considerable percentage of the healthy blood cells. Because of this side effect, during the blood cancer treatment, blood transfusions should be included. If the healthy blood cells are not replaced regularly, the patient will suffer from anemia and possible lowered blood count. This, in turn, can lead to more serious health problems that are indirectly brought about by the medications and the disease itself.

Surgery is also a choice for blood cancer treatment. This is because in some cases of blood cancer, it is the bone marrow that has the problem. The bone marrow is responsible for producing new blood cells that will circulate to the different parts of the body. This is the sponge like structure that is located inside the large bones of the body, and is normally reddish in color. When this goes wrong, the total red cell count in the body is greatly diminished as compared to those of the white blood cells. This imbalance, in turn, causes systemic abnormal reactions in the person's body. The body compensates by producing more white blood cells.

Sometimes, the bone marrow has to be transplanted as an adjunct to the other blood cancer treatments. In the process of the transplant, the problematic bone marrow is usually replaced by a healthy one from the donor. The healthy bone marrow donor is usually a patient's relative. In order for the operation to be successful, the new bone marrow should highly match the bone marrow the person had before the surgery. Incompatibility with the bone marrow will result to the rejection of the patient's body. The patient's body will recognize the new bone marrow as an alien and may attack it instead of helping out in normalizing the process within the person's body.

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