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home remedy for Tuberculosis

According to scientific studies, three million people die from home remedy for Tuberculosis every year. A number of around eight million new discovered Tuberculosis conditions appear per year and 95% is estimated to be in developing areas. Countries like those in South America, Africa or Asia have the highest susceptibility to Tuberculosis due to the low living standards and the bad economic and social conditions.Ayurvedic herbal treatment has a definite and important role to play in the successful management of tuberculosis infection. This role has significance on several fronts. In the last five decades, it has become apparent that all currently available modern drugs for tuberculosis can be potentially toxic to the liver. This may lead to decreased appetite, inflammation of the liver, and in severe cases, irreversible damage and liver failure. There are several Ayurvedic medicines which act favorably on the liver, like Kutki These medicines, when added to the tuberculosis treatment regimes, instantly correct liver problems, and help in a rapid therapeutic response to treatment.

Latent tuberculosis infection is when a person is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis but does not have symptoms of disease. They are said to be asymptomatic. Active tuberculosis disease is the full-blown disease which, if not treated, will kill half of the patients. One in ten latent infections will progress to active tuberculosis disease. Typical symptoms of an active tuberculosis patient include weakness, fever, chest pain, respiratory insufficiency, fever and cough. Strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis have become multidrug-resistant making the disease particularly difficult to treat. Treatment includes chemotherapy and a combination of different types of drug. Tuberculosis is spread by infective particles produced through coughing by patients with active tuberculosis. The air-borne particles carrying the bacteria can be inhaled by other people.Almost all spreading of tuberculosis are hidden because its carriers do not show its indication and they are not infected. However, one of 10 people will come down with this disease along the time because of the weakness of his immune system.
From 1,8 million of death in 2008 or 4.930 death in a day, a half million of them are AIDS patients. Most tuberculosis usually attack young men that are in their most productive time and most of the deaths happen in developing countries. More than half of deaths happen in Asia, like Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Philippine.The World Bank estimates that the disease can lose 4-7% of gross domestic income of some countries that come down with. Tuberculosis that is incurable is usually caused by medicinal treatment by halves and it often happens to patients that stop their treatments when they feel better.

Tuberculosis is a preventable disease. There are a few measures one can take to protect their health. First, you should be tested regularly. If you have an immune suppressing disease, live or work in a prison or nursing home, were born in a TB prevalent country, or have other risk factors, then a Mantoux test should be done every six months.If you test positive without symptoms, speak with your doctor about treatments to reduce the risk of developing active tuberculosis. The most important step you can do for the public and yourself is to finish the entire course of medication.

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