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Leukemia Symptoms

Leukemia generally appear face to face since the days of childhood, bone marrow whereas not obvious cause has been known to produce white blood cells do not develop ancient or abnormal. Normally, white blood cells to breed another time when the body needs or is there vicinity for the blood cells themselves. The human body can give signs / signals on a daily when will the blood cell-reproduction is predicted to be back.

In the case of leukemia, white blood cells do not answer the sign / signal is given. Finally, uncontrolled excessive production (abnormal) will exit from the bone marrow and could be found among the peripheral blood or peripheral blood. the quantity of abnormal white blood cells that are in excess can disrupt the normal perform of various cells, people with these conditions (Leukemia) will show some symptoms like vulnerable to infectious diseases, anemia and bleeding.

Acute and Chronic Leukemia
Acute leukemia is characterized by an awfully quick course of the disease, lethal, and worse. If usually this can be} often not promptly treated, it'll cause death among weeks to days. Whereas the courses of the disease have chronic leukemia that is not therefore fast that it is an extended life expectancy, up to quite one year.

Leukemia, Causes
Until currently the reason for leukemia is not known with certainty, but there are several factors thought to own a sway on the frequency terjadinyaleukemia.
• Radiation.
This is supported by several reports of some analysis that handles cases of leukemia that is lots of frequent radiological employees suffering from leukemia, Generate with radiotherapy lots of typically suffer from leukemia, Leukemia incidence was found in atomic bomb survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.
• Leukemogenik.
Several chemicals are identified are reported to own a sway on the frequency of leukemia, like environmental toxins like benzene, industry chemicals like pesticides, medication used for chemotherapy.
• Hereditary.
People with Down syndrome have the incidence of acute leukemia twenty times larger than ancient people.
• Virus.
Some kinds of viruses can cause leukemia, like retroviruses, feline leukemia virus, HTLV-1 in adults.

Leukemia, Signs and Symptoms
Leukemia Symptoms are generally caused differ among patients; however, can generally be described as follows:
• Anemia.
Patients would appear tired, pale and respiration fast (below ancient red blood cells inflicting less oxygen among the body, resulting in the patient breathes faster to catch up on the fulfillment of oxygen deficiency among the body).
• Bleeding.
When the platelets (blood clotting cells) are not reproduced with reasonable as a result of its dominated by white blood cells, then the patient will experience bleeding skin dijaringan (number of red wiggler width / minor dijaringan skin).
• Esophageal Infections.
White blood cells act as a protecting immunity, significantly against infectious diseases. In Patients with leukemia, white blood cells that is not ancient (abnormal) therefore it does not perform properly. As a result the body of the patient liable to infection virus / bacteria, even by itself would reveal complaints of fever, white discharge from the nose (runny) and cough.
• Bone and Joint Pain.
This is caused as a result of bone marrow (bone marrow) by pressing solid white blood cells.
• Abdomen pain.
Abdominal pain is additionally one indication of the symptoms of leukemia, throughout that the leukemia cells may collect among the kidneys, liver and bile that causes enlargement of these organs and timbales pain. Abdominal pain can have a sway on appetite loss of leukemia patients.
• Swollen glands lymph.
Patients most likely to possess swollen glands lymph, whether or not or not it's beneath the arms, neck, chest and lots of. Gland lymph duty filter the blood, leukemia cells may collect here and cause swelling.
• Drawback respiration (dispend).
The patient may show symptoms of drawback respiration and chest pain, if this happens then it has to be compelled to immediately get medical facilitate.
Leukemia, Diagnosis
Leukemia are usually ascertained with some checks, such as: Biopsy, Blood , a CT or CAT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray, Ultrasound, Spinal faucet / lumbar puncture.

Leukemia, Handling
Handling cases of leukemia disease generally starts from the symptoms that arise, like anemia, bleeding and infection. Broadly speaking the handling and treatment of leukemia are usually done by one or a mixture of variety of the ways below:
• Chemotherapy / intrathecal medications
• Radiation Therapy. This system isn't used
• Transplantation of bone marrow (bone marrow)
• Provision of medication and hypodermic tablets
• Transfusion of red blood cells or platelets.
Therapy systems are typically used in addressing patients with leukemia is also a mix of chemotherapy (chemotherapy) and so the availability of medication that focuses on the dismissal of the assembly of abnormal white blood cells in bone marrow. Next is that the treatment of some symptoms and signs are displayed by the patient's body with a comprehensive monitor.

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