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What's Causing My Pains In The Liver?

Liver pain comes to different people in different ways. Some say their pain is extreme - it feels like like their liver is about to explode. Other patients describe a dull ache and tenderness in the vicinity of the lower rib cage. People with liver pain are also likely to complain of swelling or bloating.

Liver pain can result from a problem involving the liver itself, but liver pain can also be connected to a problem with another part of the body, particularly the gallbladder, blood vessels, or the biliary tract. Pain coming from the liver itself is usually because of inflammation of some kind. Such inflammation can be caused for any number of reasons.

Cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, liver cancer, liver failure and hepatitis are several of the most serious problems that can affect your liver. There are, in fact, many different kinds of liver disease that can result in liver pain.

If the pain comes from somewhere besides the liver, it may be due to condition of the biliary tract, like a stone. Doctors call this type of pain biliary colic. It often comes on quickly, causes several hours of discomfort, then goes away. Discomfort startsin the upper middle quadrant or the right upper quadrant, and may radiate to the areabetween the shoulder blades or to the shoulder itself.

Biliary colic usually happens because you've eaten a large, cholesterol-rich meal and your gallbladder has trouble processing all the fat. Other causes of liver pain include a liver abscess and cholangitis or inflammation of the biliary duct. Liver cysts may also cause liver pain. Poor gallbladder health can also cause what feels like liver pain.

Several medications are available that will help relieve liver pain. They include:

Drugs known as NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce pain and inflammation. Some NSAIDs require a doctor's prescription, but other forms are available over the counter.

Meperidine (also known as Demerol)


Whenever you start to feel pain, aching or soreness in an area near the bottom of your ribcage, you should probably talk to your doctor. Such discomfort could be the result of liver of gallbladder problems. These can be serious threats to your long term health and merit a call to your doctor.

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