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Bronchitis Symptoms Treatment

Bronchitis is a respiratory illness which occurs when the air passages in your lungs become inflamed.
The disease can be aggravated from a high doze of medicines, improper diet, unrest or stress.
Bronchitis may be short-lived acute or chronic, meaning that it lasts a long time and often recurs.

Acute bronchitis appears after getting gold or usually results from a respiratory infection, such as a virus or bacteria, en can lead to chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is a serious long-term disorder that occurs mostly in people who smoke and, together with emphysema, is known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD. If a person is coughing up mucus from the lungs and this lasts for a long period of time, it can be an indication of chronic bronchitis.

Often the discomfort of a severe cough leads you to seek medical treatment. Treatment for bronchitis involves lifestyle changes, medications, self-care and alternative treatments and oxygen lifestyle changes. This treatment is focused on relieving the symptoms, easing the breathing and trying to prevent further damage.

Most treatments, such as cough suppressants and drugs to reduce fever, are used to help heal bronchitis infection and ease the symptoms like congestion and coughing, which causes patient irritability, uneasiness and to some extent pain. Another approach to treating chronic bronchitis is to prescribe a bronchodilator.
While you are following your doctor's prescription, the natural remedies can also be helpful in easing some of the symptoms.
For example, getting enough rest is the one of the most effective remedies.
However, the best way to avoid chronic bronchitis and the first and the most important treatment for it is to immediately stop smoking if the patient is a habitual smoker and to stay away from air pollutants.
So, it means you should lead a healthy life that includes a right nutrition as well. Thus, your diet should be limited to an all fruit diet and a well balanced diet, including orange juice and water.

There are also some products that are present in your daily life and can contribute to healing process. One of them is a fresh onion juice, which is considered to help bronchitis patients. Adding ginger to tea or honey can lower fever associated in bronchitis and soothe your throat. Almond is another remedy effective when you have bronchitis or other respiratory illness.

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